The Project

The Villas

Terraces that open on to the horizon from where the only thing in sight is the infinite immensity of the Mediterranean. Thin layers of water that become one with the sea itself. Cool, bright, cosy spaces, where life flows outside to inside without any physical or visual interruptions. Houses where space, serenity and warmth form the essence of what it claims to be.

This is what the new Patmore villas are like. An innovative concept of a house that blends into the surroundings.

Having a Patmore Villa is much more than being the owner of a house. It is taking possession of a unique and special place in the Mediterranean.

The surroundings, the breeze and the sea.

PATMORE THE UNIQUE RESORT is the highest form of enjoying the incredible scenery of the Costa Blanca. A special and complete experience that embraces all the senses.

A temple dedicated to well-being, the enjoyment of life feeling the breeze and the sea. A place where luxury is not an accumulation of objects but rather a concentration of what is essential, where each element, each detail, each experience is unique.

The Patmore villas
A unique place

The combination of architecture, interior design and exclusive features, in exceptional surroundings, make the villas remarkable collector´s pieces.

A worthwhile investment. Collector’s pieces.

All the recent studies and market research done on the real estate market confirm the continual growth of residential tourism*. There was a record number of sales of property to foreigners in the first quarter of 2022, despite the unfavourable international circumstances.

The sale prices of these properties have grown with year-over-year increases of more than 3%. Luxury property, at the top of the range, has always proved to be a solid value, impervious to the market changes.

Having a villa in Patmore is the same as having a unique asset that does not depreciate, its value is protected and increases over time.

Ars Aedificandi

Visit the place time and time again. Discover every fold of land, every tree, every rock. See it at sunrise, at midday, at dusk. Breathe its air. And above all look, get to know its perspectives, its ever-changing views.

Understanding the place is one of the key tasks of the architect. And only those who have real talent can do it well. So well that, when the construction work is finished, everyone says:
“yes, it really couldn’t be any other way”.

In the Costa Blanca, on top of a cliff, with an infinite horizon like a canvas to work on, talent has to be splurged to construct a building that does justice to its location.



The spirit of Patmore is intensely innovative given its design and the technology used in it. Technology that is not used to tame nature, but to be part of it. The experience of living or enjoying yourself at Patmore, its views, its spaces, its details and its finishes are, altogether, a fascinating experience. The creativity and the innovation at the service of the space. Giving life to each metre is what the Interior Design Team at Patmore achieve.