A place in the world


The natural selection

Let’s discover Patmore.
Mediterranean forest. Pine trees, holm oaks, aromatic bushes that fill the air.
The open space can be made out through the tree trunks. The briny smell of the sea and the gentle east wind breeze pervade.

A bit further on, suddenly, the ground beneath our feet ends. We are on the edge of an almost white limestone cliff. Below, the sea crashes against the rocks. Infinity ahead. The horizon divides an undeviating intense deep blue of all the shades imaginable from the dark blues underneath.

Towards the north, a succession of cliffs, coves and bays that culminate abruptly in the Punta de Moraira. And at the top a small tower, a watchtower with more history than its stones can remember.

Towards the south the incredible sight of a huge mountain that wants to free itself from the land and take to the seas. It is the Peñón de Ifach that, like an ancient three-masted ship, displays a stern raised and proud and a brave bow that breaks the waves. A real ship of stone ruled by giants.


All the tones of blue

Sky blue, Pale blue, Horizon blue, Cobalt blue, Navy blue, Greenish blue, Greyish blue, Ink blue, Turquoise blue, Aquamarine


All the fragrances of the air

Lavender, Sand, Oleander, Palm trees, Salt, Resin, Iodine, Pine needles, Rosemary

And only two sounds

The sea and the breeze

Life began in the sea

We have found a place that we thought was impossible. A secluded cliff crowned by an untouched forest. Crystal clear water beneath your feet, on a shallow rock bottom. Beautiful scenery, strikingly wild and abrupt, which leaves the developed built-up coastline behind, disappearing from sight right here. Because there is only one horizon, a boundless world that, when you contemplate it, feels as if it belongs to you. A unique place.

The Costa Blanca, a unique place.

A pleasant climate, a warm sun, a calm sea and a remarkable land. The mountains near the coastline spill over onto the Mediterranean in whimsical formations: the Peñón de Ifach, the Morro de Toix Mountain, the headland of cabo La Nao, the Cova dels Arcs cave… and in the cosy beaches and coves: Cala Moraig, Moraira, Calpe, Cala Granadella.

The natural evolution

For thousands of years men and women have found their home here. Greeks and Romans built their farming villages and cities here. All the people who have lived here have had a special relationship between the mountains and the sea. Because being so close to one another, both are peaceful and welcoming environments.

In the 20th century when the Costa Blanca was rediscovered, its stunning beauty positioned it among the most prized locations of the whole Mediterranean.

A special place in the world.